Stranger Things Quiz: 10 Top Questions About the Stranger Things

Get ready to be transported back to the 80s with "Stranger Things" - a tubular TV show set in the small town of Hawkins, Indiana. When one of their own goes missing, a group of kids team up to uncover the truth behind his disappearance. But what they discover is beyond their wildest imaginations - a girl with telekinetic powers, a creepy alternate dimension known as the Upside Down, and a monster that will have you hiding under your bed. The show is a blast from the past, referencing classic 80s movies and music. And the cast is totally rad - with Finn Wolfhard, Millie Bobby Brown, and Gaten Matarazzo as the young heroes, and Winona Ryder and David Harbour as the grown-ups trying to make sense of it all.
No wonder "Stranger Things" has become a pop culture phenomenon - the storytelling is top-notch, the characters are lovable, and the special effects are out of this world. With four seasons in the works, there's no end in sight for this totally awesome show. So grab your Walkman and get ready for the “stranger things” quiz!

the stranger things quiz
the stranger things quiz
1.Do you remember the name of the town where "Stranger Things" takes place?
the stranger things quiz
2. Which one was the name of the mysterious girl with psychic powers?
the stranger things quiz
3. What was the name of the alternate dimension that Eleven opened a portal to in season one?
the stranger things quiz
4. Can you remember the name of the school that the boys attended?
the stranger things quiz
5. Do you know the name of the government agency that is conducting experiments on Eleven?
the stranger things quiz
6. What was the name of the mysterious shadow monster that haunted the town in season 2?
the stranger things quiz
7. Who was the character played by Winona Ryder?
the stranger things quiz
8. In season 1, what was the name of the government facility where Eleven was being held captive?
the stranger things quiz
9. What was the name of the arcade where the kids like to hang out?
the stranger things quiz
10. What were the boys playing when Eleven first appeared?
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