How Much Do You Know About the Winter Olympics?

Sasa N.

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Which athlete has competed in the most Winter Olympics?

Who is the oldest person to receive a Winter Olympics medal?

How many countries have ever boycotted a Winter Olympics?

What is the Olympic motto?

Which athlete has won the most Winter Olympic medals?

Which country has hosted the most Winter Olympic Games?

Which winter sports made their Olympic debut during the Summer Games?

Can you guess how many athletes competed in the first Winter Olympics?

How many athletes have won gold medals at both Winter and Summer Olympics?

How many Winter Olympic Games have there been?

How many times horses participated in the Winter Games?

Which country has won the most Winter Olympic gold medals?

When was the Olympic flame first introduced to the Winter Olympics?


When did the last time dogs appear in the Winter Olympics?

How many Winter Olympic sports are there?

How many indoor Winter Olympic sports are there?

Where did the first Winter Olympics take place?

When was the last time that the Winter and Summer Olympics were held in the same year?

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